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Neko Atsume (Shironeko) Amigurumi Pattern
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Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Black text : English

Green text : Indonesia

Hello there! So I've promised at dA that I want to share this Neko Atsume pattern.

Neko Atsume is a popular game back then, I am very addicted with it :D
I make this amigurumi because I find out there's no anyone who share the pattern, and then I got the idea to make it by myself.
I am using this Neko Atsume figure picture as a reference to make the amigurumi.

Halo! Jadi, aku pernah janji di dA kalau aku mau share pola Neko Atsume ini.

Neko Atsume itu game yang popular banget dulu, dan aku suka banget maininnya :D
Aku buat amigurumi ini karena pas dicari ga ada siapa pun yang bagiin polanya, jadi aku dapat ide untuk membuatnya sendiri.
Aku pake gambar figure Neko Atsume ini sebagai referensi buat bikin amiguruminya.
And this is the amigurumi version that I made :
Dan inilah versi amigurumi yang kubuat :

 You can attach it to your laptop too^^
Kamu juga bisa menaruhnya di laptopmu^^

-White cotton yarn
-Black cotton yarn (for embroidery)
- Black Felt (for eyes and nose)
-Tapestry needle
-1 & 2 mm crochet hook (you can use any size of hook with 1 mm different)
-Yarn thread
-Sewing needle

Here's the pattern :

Head (with 2 mm hook)

R1 : ch 7
R2 : 5sc, 3inc, 5sc (13)
R3 : 2inc, 5sc, 3inc, 5sc, 2inc (17)
R4 : 2inc, 7sc, 3inc, 7 sc, 2inc (21)
R5-R8 : sc around (21)
R9 : 2dec, 1sc around (14) -stuff the head in this step-
R10 : 2dec, 5sc around (12)
R11 : 2dec around, fo. (6)
-Shape the head in this step to make the chubby cheeks of the cat like below;;w;;

Ears (make 2, with 2mm hook)
ch 4, sc in the last ch, fo.

Foot (make 4, with 1mm hook)
R1 : 4sc in magic circle (4)
R2 : 2inc around (8)
R3-R5 : sc around (8), fo

Body (with 2 mm hook)
R1 : 6sc in magic circle (6)
R2 : 2inc around (12)
R3 : sc, 2inc around (18)
R4-R12 : sc around (18)
R13 : sc, 2dec around (12)
-stuff the body in this step
R14 : 2dec around (6), fo.

Long-tail (with 1 mm hook)
R1 : 5sc in magic circle (5)
R2 : 2inc around (10)
R3-R5 : sc around (10)
R6 : 2dec, 8sc (9)
R7 : 2dec, 7sc (8)
R8-R10 : sc all around (8) -stuff the tail after R10-
R11 : 2dec all around (4), fo.

After you've crochet all of the pattern, you've to sew the bodies, embroider the mouth, use felt for the eyes and nose. And your shironeko amigurumi is finished <3
Note : Feel free to use it for personal use or for gift to your friends/relatives, but If you want to sell the finished product please ask and contact me first^^
Wassalamu'alaikumsalam Wr. Wb,
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